Fishing in Lincolnshire

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

lincolnshire fishing

Boston Lodge is an ideal fishing bed and breakfast accommodation in Lincolnshire for fishing holidays, fishing parties and fishing breaks in Lincolnshire.

lincolnshire_fishingThe waterways of Lincolnshire offer numerous opportunities for anglers to cast their lines in expectation of a good catch. You’re spoilt for choice on the Fossdyke Navigation, with the whole length available to be fished. Similarly, angling is allowed throughout the Witham Navigable Drains and good fishing can be enjoyed along the upper reaches of the River Witham.

When you stay at Boston Lodge bed and breakfast accommodation you will have the opportunity of fishing over 100 miles of natural rivers and man-made drains of Lincolnshire. These also include the rivers Bain, Glenn and Steeping and Witham; the drains include the Sibsey Trader, Hobhold, Bargate and South Forty Foot. There are many varieties of fish to be caught including Roach, Bream, Skimmers, Perch, Tench, Chub, Carp, and Pike.

We warmly welcome fishermen and women to our bed and breakfast accommodation. Boston Lodge is a perfect accommodation and location for fishing parties in Lincolnshire.

Fishing in Lincolnshire and the Fens
There is some fantastic fishing in and around Sleaford, Lincoln, Boston and the Lincolnshire Fens. We have provided only a brief description of the rivers and fishing in the area. We will leave the exact stuff to the angling experts!

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Witham Navigable Drains
Fishing is allowed along the Drains, and only the standard Environment Agency rod licence is required to fish (i.e., no additional permits or tickets required). You will hopefully catch one or all of the following coarse fish – bream, tench, perch, chub and pike.

River Witham
Many stretches are administered by angling associations. Grimsby & District Amalgamated Society of Anglers covers much of the navigable waterway, and there is also good fishing in the upper, unnavigable reaches.

Fossdyke Navigation
11 miles of the Fossdyke Navigation between Torksey and Lincoln can be fished for a number of coarse fish varieties, mainly roach and bream, but also chub, perch and tench. The canal is managed by British Waterways and details on tickets can be obtained from the local BW office.

River Ancholme
Roach and bream are the main catches in the River Ancholme, and now perch too. You will also see rudd, carp, chub, spined loach, sea trout, grayling and river, brook and sea lamprey.

Bourne Eau
The river can be fished on both banks forom May Bridge to Tongue End. Perch Roach Tench and Pike can be caught. You will need a valid Environment Agency rod licence to fish at this venue.

River Glen
The River Glen flows from west of Spalding to the tidal section of the River Welland at Surfleet Seas End.
A well distributed and wide variety of fish is to be found in the Glen, especially perch, pike, chub, gudgeon, rudd, roach and carp.

River Humber
Sea fishing along the Humber bank is free, and along foreshore to Tetney Lock. There are plaice, codling, dabs, flounders and eels to be caught.

River Nene
Fishing is popular on the Nene, especially on the north bank, and there are good chub grounds near Peterborough. The river is brimming with carp and tench; bream and roach are less likely due to little movement of the water. The River Nene is controlled by The Peterborough and District Angling Association

South Forty Drain
There is plenty of choice for fishing in Lincolnshire’s drains in the Boston area. The fish in these waterways are Bream, Roach, Tench, Perch, Skimmers, Pike, and some Carp. Most of these fishing sites require that you belong to the Boston and District Angling Association.

River Welland
This area has a reputation for the quality of its’ fishing, Fishing is very popular in the South Holland waterways area, available on all rivers and most drains. These waterways have a well distributed and wide variety of fish, with perch, bream, pike, chub, gudgeon, rudd, roach and carp most common. Stamford has high numbers and quality of many fish including roach, chub, tench, bream and even eels. Downstream of Market Deeping is excellent for chub and roach, as is upstream although access is limited here.

River Witham
Many stretches are administered by angling associations. Grimsby & District Amalgamated Society of Anglers covers much of the navigable waterway, and there is also good fishing in the upper, unnavigable reaches.

We look forward to welcoming fishermen and fishing parties to our fishing accommodation in Lincolnshire where we provide hearty breakfasts prior to a days fishing and also packed lunches. There is the Barge local pub and restaurant in the village for après fishing refreshments and meals in the evening. The center of Boston is only a few minutes away.

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